The Cumfy Chairs

The Cumfy Chairs
The Cumfy Chairs

Who are the Cumfy Chairs?

  • We are a three piece covers band playing in and around Edinburgh
  • We play rock classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and present day
  • We play parties, pubs and events

Band Members

  • Al Baxter - Lead vocals and Guitar
  • Dave Buchanan - Backing vocals and Bass Guitar
  • Alan Kitching - Backing vocals and all things drum

Past Members

  • Richard Protheroe - Backing vocals and Bass

Cumfy Media

Common People

The Hunter's Tryst Edinburgh

Mony Mony

The Beaton Docket Portobello

All day and all of the night

The Anvil Bonnyrigg

Lil' Devil

The Hunter's Tryst Edinburgh

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The Cumfy Chairs

The Cumfy Chairs - Gigs 2024

Come along and have some fun!


Sunday 3rd (4.30-7.30) The Anvil Bonnyrigg
Sunday 31st (3.30-6.30) The Longstone Hearts Club


Saturday 13th (8:00-12:00) Craigmillar Hearts Club


Friday 3rd (9:00-12:00) No.2 Baker Street Stirling


Sunday 14th (5.30-9:00) Craigmillar Hearts Club


Friday 2nd (9:00-12:00) No.2 Baker Street Stirling


Saturday 19th (8:00-12:00) Private Party